Great time and excellent location!

We took a family holiday here with 10 people, and they were attentive to every one of us. After just being here for 1 afternoon among those bartenders Alfonzo had all our beverage orders and could go out of the way to be sure we had our refills.

They took such good care of our children and actually involved us in each action. Sonia instructed me how to salsa, Louis and Jose hauled us into each series, and we had a blast and victor assisted us helplessly on his break when he did not even need to. The sole issue was that the food has been subpar the entire time. But apart from that, it was astonishing. I strongly suggest this location.

Loved the hotel and the people were fantastic. Beds were too tough, to me, personally. However, the rooms were tidy. Excellent snorkeling, at the hotel, and there’s an”online trips” guy onsite which may allow you to get an excursion booked fast and to get a much better price than that which is offered on the internet.

Should you journey off the hotel, shopping places, prepare to be bombarded with everything in the supplies of trips and timeshares, along with the way to medication, nose-candy, and Mexican Reefer. Seriously!

We couldn’t walk a block without even those trying to sell us”drugstore”. Drug retailers everywhere, but nevertheless never felt at risk. We plan on going back, and we all know what places to avoid. Just be ready for it!

I love staying in Park Royal. It seems just like home. Clemente and Cleaver will fulfill meet you in the front desk with a smile and choose your luggage, Jorge will greet you at the buffet, along with Luis will meet you in the pool bar with a drink. They always recommend amazing stuff like the trikes cozumel tours you can take here. We journey to Cozumel 3-4 times per year, and we’re not disappointed.

This hotel is clean and well preserved. The food is exceptional, and the bartenders are friendly and fast to fulfill your requests. I’ll be coming back together with my friends.