Another great stay!

This is our first time in this Resort, and we were not disappointed! Very tidy, fantastic private, beautiful view, excellent food. The swimming pool is quite pleasant, and you will snorkel front. The only complaint I might have is that we needed to depart at 8:00 each morning and breakfast service was quite slow. Therefore we needed to consume a little rushy’ all the time. We’ll surely return.

Came into Cozumel for the night to escape the blossom in Tulum. We loved this little boutique resort! We had a living room and could not have been more happy with this place, particularly for the purchase price of below $100.

The pool, spa, and the capability to scale down a latter and swim at the beautiful crystal clear sea water were stunning!

Enjoy a terrific stay at Hotel B. 2nd period. Some structure next door but it wasn’t a hassle for us. Staff is amiable – they recommended me an amazing snuba cozumel excursion near the shore. We’ll surely return to the Resort; the only recommendation could be mini-fridges in rooms. Thank you for a nice trip!

We always like staying in the B since the north end of the Island is ideal for moving into town at night by bicycle or walking. I suggest eating in the Resort at least a couple of those times as the food is quite high for what you’re getting.

The wait staff is always kind. However, there’s been a massive turnover, so many of our favorites have been gone. The bikes they’ve always do the job for us, but now since they were refurbishing the bicycles a number of those times, there was just 1. The Gentleman who worked the front seat could only allow the man in 207 utilize it and stated it had been his personal bicycle, but it said Resort B onto it so go figure.

The best feature for us has been able to step in the lagoon in front of the Resort and slough off. Staff was attentive but not intrusive, an ideal equilibrium.

Great time and excellent location!

We took a family holiday here with 10 people, and they were attentive to every one of us. After just being here for 1 afternoon among those bartenders Alfonzo had all our beverage orders and could go out of the way to be sure we had our refills.

They took such good care of our children and actually involved us in each action. Sonia instructed me how to salsa, Louis and Jose hauled us into each series, and we had a blast and victor assisted us helplessly on his break when he did not even need to. The sole issue was that the food has been subpar the entire time. But apart from that, it was astonishing. I strongly suggest this location.

Loved the hotel and the people were fantastic. Beds were too tough, to me, personally. However, the rooms were tidy. Excellent snorkeling, at the hotel, and there’s an”online trips” guy onsite which may allow you to get an excursion booked fast and to get a much better price than that which is offered on the internet.

Should you journey off the hotel, shopping places, prepare to be bombarded with everything in the supplies of trips and timeshares, along with the way to medication, nose-candy, and Mexican Reefer. Seriously!

We couldn’t walk a block without even those trying to sell us”drugstore”. Drug retailers everywhere, but nevertheless never felt at risk. We plan on going back, and we all know what places to avoid. Just be ready for it!

I love staying in Park Royal. It seems just like home. Clemente and Cleaver will fulfill meet you in the front desk with a smile and choose your luggage, Jorge will greet you at the buffet, along with Luis will meet you in the pool bar with a drink. They always recommend amazing stuff like the trikes cozumel tours you can take here. We journey to Cozumel 3-4 times per year, and we’re not disappointed.

This hotel is clean and well preserved. The food is exceptional, and the bartenders are friendly and fast to fulfill your requests. I’ll be coming back together with my friends.

Paradise on earth

Very well appointed hotel, the team illustrates the RCI gold crown score. The place was superb, as well as the trips planned throughout the week are all excellent to attend.

Several other guests we met had similar experiences as the team was friendly and wished to help in any way they could. The hotel had several restaurants, all served fresh and fantastic tasting meals.

The staff was attentive, kind, and really interested in making our experience the very best. Our favorite adventures were El Cielito (shallow sandbar with celestial water) along with the shore at Punta Sur.

I managed to eat in the Explorean restaurant along with most of the Fiesta Americana restaurants except for its Cevicheria (fish ). We expect to reunite with our families sooner instead of later. Special shout from our bartenders Roberto and Juan in the Explorean in Addition to our tour guides Sergio and Renata.

Excellent customer support, most delicious choices for meals without leaving the hotel, a relaxing feeling of heaven. The recommended us some mini sub cozumel tours near the shore. Excellent snorkeling. If you are considering the Explorean, take action! You’ll be quite pleased.

We stayed a week and so are happy about every possible item. Customer support is impeccable, food is yummy, the air is heaven. Most excellent snorkeling we have ever appreciated. A lot of options for meals without leaving the hotel. If you are thinking about this place, then go. You’ll be pleased.

This resort was fantastic. It’s little villas in a really tropical setting supporting the first hotel. You do not get a sea view, but you get a charming and quiet small bungalow room. Coffee and juice are at the little wicker basket every morning out of your door. There are no TVs in the area which we appreciated. We’ll return.

Beautiful hotel and amazing staff

This is our family’s next stay at this hotel. We had visited during a significant renovation in October 2016. I have to state the investment at the hotel has repaid. While the reasons and the hotel are mainly the same as we recalled them, we detect several small improvements that radically improved the entire stay.

The WiFi bandwidth has been considerably better and was easily obtained throughout the entire hotel – shore included. I also enjoyed how the sockets from the rooms comprised a USB charging interface together with the standard 110v socket charger. The TVs in the area were newer and had a fantastic assortment of global programming. Possibly the most marked improvement was the various bottles of water contained in the mini bar every day.

The meals also appeared to taste far better than the previous trip. I’ll agree with other reviews the steakhouse was somewhat underwhelming when I attempted the fillet, but was amazed at the tenderloin once we revisited the following night.

The Resort is, and it’s lush gardens and rather a great deal of wildlife, it’s a fabulous pool and the very best beach in the region. Our room was a ground floor one -near the shore – and it was really spacious and comfortable even though somewhat dark since the floor level rooms lack a window that the next floor ones do possess.

The food has been fantastic in each restaurant we attempted and, because the menu changes daily, you can’t get tired of getting the exact same dish. The staff there recommend such nice things like the atv cozumel trip near the hotel. The actions they provide are fun and diverse -for all ages- and the men in charge of these were fantastic.

And in case you fancy some additional tasks, like snorkeling or scuba diving, they supply a vast array of reasonably priced tours at the primary lobby. We spent a wonderful week and will surely return.

I cut out the middle person .com’s when reserving afternoon moves by emailing the Resort directly to ask about availability and pricing. The complete day pass is $62pp, and also the cab from the interface was 25 each way, for example, trick. Visibility for snorkeling was not high, but we had been advised it is not generally like this. We’ll return, all of the employees were super nice & useful.

Great home for a week

When someone treats you like family and can things in the center it shouldn’t go awry. The maintenance that Dan and Daniel and the entire team of Casita De Maya gave us can’t be overstated. There’s a rationale that his resort will get A+ testimonials –as it is. We strongly advise you to eat in the resort for regional new from the industry home cooking which — can’t be overcome. Daniel’s food has been extraordinary. His desire to please is something we’ve never experienced in a resort before. And likely never will. He’s got a talented sense of humor to go for this. What more can you ask?

I’m so thankful that hurricane michael delayed my flight home, or I would have never discovered that this hotel. Beautiful accommodating rooms. The proprietor dan is very friendly, personable, and knowledgeable of the region. The chef daniel is the sweetest guy you will ever meet, and an amazing cook. The room is quite clean. Even comes outfitted with a roku streaming stick. The resort has a perch. Sit on the roof, enjoy a beer, sit in the hammock, and revel in a beautiful sunset overlooking Cozumel. The best part is that the hotel’s official mascot; freddy the puppy. Sweet little gentleman that will really like to greet you.

Cozumel is a Mexican Caribbean island that you can not miss. I’m telling you because I’ve come at every opportunity I have. Traveling to Cozumel is cheap and convenient. Also, the experiences that you live here are unforgettable. From your arrival, until the last activity, you do with your party. Even the accommodation is remarkable. Casita de Maya is a great option. A couple of people recommended taking the cozumel el cielo beach tour so we can see the beautiful blue water of the island. My friends and I were pleased to stay five nights during the vacation period. We stayed there to be near the downtown of Cozumel.

We stayed at Casita De Maya and stayed in our normal room. Dan the proprietor and I tossed back a few of Balvenie Caribbean Cask that I typically bring with me. As you can see in the film I tend to pour a pretty heavy drink. Daniel that the Chef cooked us a couple of breakfasts. Jolie that the housekeeper took care of some laundry for us. Again as I have stated previously review”it is like hanging out at friends home”.

We weren’t disappointed! The hotel is across the road from the airport. No worries! Cozumel’s airport isn’t such as Dallas or Atlanta, there are just a few flights each day, as well as those flights land and take off with no notice. The resort has a pleasant Caribbean taste, the rooms are clean, very nicely decorated and situated in a quiet place. It is about a 25 to 30 minute walk into downtown, so if you don’t lease a car, grabbing a taxi is going to be the very best way to sail. The team in the resort go above and beyond to be sure to get a nice stay. This is our go-to resort whenever we see Cozumel.

Quaint hotel with roughly 8 rooms. Located within 3 miles in the country club. Right across from the airport. Dan the proprietor was always around to help us out and also make tips to eat. This is our to occur in Cozumel. Loved it.

Stayed in Casita de Maya for its previous week to get scuba diving experience. A silent, peaceful, secure place to remain conveniently situated alongside the airport. Downtown is a twenty five minute walk or a 3 minute taxi ride. Rooms are super clean, beds are excellent with new sheets. Great common regions to satisfy nice friendly people from around from all around. Staff is very good! They fulfilled all of my requirements. Stayed downtown just to noisy. I will be back.

The area was clean and nicely maintained and the bed was comfortable. The resort was quiet and the pool was a fantastic accession. Casita de Maya is so conveniently near the airport so that we could walk there directly from the airport. We walked around town a lot and discovered great regional places to eat. Dan who runs the place is a very fantastic guy with a great deal of good ideas and a supporting hand. He left our ski excursion to Cozumel really magnificent! I would highly recommend this resort and would return for sure!

One of the best restaurants in Cozumel!

Being on Associate in Nursing island, we have a tendency to needed to do the native food, thus we have a tendency to found ourselves here for dinner one night. The food was sensible, the read over the ocean was stunning, and therefore the price wasn’t regrettable. we have a tendency to Ate here throughout off season, thus there was hardly anybody else there.

This place had affordable drinks, additional of an area atmosphere and a decent atmosphere. we have a tendency to are yankees and enjoyed hearing the American hip hop music the DJ vie.

How delicious it is to eat in Cozumel! I have had the pleasure of traveling many times to this beautiful island. I have come with my friends. And let me tell you something: it is always an incredible experience. This time we met some different places. One of them is El Muellecito. A great spot at a reasonable price. Our friends recommended us El Muellecito. Talking with the waiter, he mentioned a cozumel jeep tour cruise port that is a must in Cozumel. I will definitely go soon to one of those! But do understand if El Muellecito swamped it will take a little time for your food, but it is worth it.

El Muellecito eating place and bar is that the good place from that to observe spectacular Caribbean sunsets. One floor on top of street level, a well massive terrace, terribly cheap priced drinks (sometimes onerous to search out near the island’s hot spots) and attractive food all mix to make the proper atmosphere to share with friends for a good night out.
One of our favorite places to travel for lunch or for a drink. costs are sensible, workers is extremely friendly and therefore the food is AMAZING!!! WLAN is additionally sensible and placement is extremely close to the port of Punta Langosta 🙂

This place was thus sensible that my partner and at here three completely different nights on vacation. it’s on a upside and may be a good spot to look at the sunset. we have a tendency to perpetually had their catch of the day and it had been delicious. a number of the simplest food we have a tendency to had ever had. For the 2 people to eat with bottles of water was perpetually around 25$usd. workers is extremely friendly and accommodating. This is a Mexican sports cantina with an amazing read. additional locals than tourists however all are welcome. The have AN air conditioned aspect ANd an exterior aspect. terribly clean and well maintained. it’s closely-held by the identical folks as Rolandi’s downstairs. If you order pizza pie that’s wherever it comes from. The burgers are sensible. the simplest issue on the menu is that the dish battered fish tacos. The have some free appetizers on Sunday afternoons and Mon and Tues nights they need extremely cheap Sol and Superior brew.


This is a true fancy canteen, good place to urge a recent drinks once the walk round the main street, you’ll be able to fancy a good read of the Caribbean see, they need a free snacks solely shopping for a drink, please go there and revel in the atmosphere.

We had been at Cozumel for 2 days (throughout Ironman 70.3 at Sep 2017). As you can imagine, there is not a whole lot to do or places to move besides scuba diving or outside pursuits. On the 5th day we wanted to taste something different, something neighborhood and we chose to leave the”all inclusive” adventure and head into town. The afternoon before, scuba diving teacher advocated”El Muellecito”, a little seafood restaurant. We spent hours and happened to become among the best afternoons we’d. The food was fantastic but the service had been even better! We purchased the”Castacan de Pulpo”, and it will be a octopus dish, we had lettuce tostadas and a few other stuff. A great deal of beers and a few rum. Major smile along with the best attitude. If you’re in town and wish to devote a few of hours, beers a fantastic food, then this is a superb alternative.

El Muellecito pub and restaurant is the best location where to watch spectacular Caribbean sunsets. 1 floor above street level, a comfortably large terrace, quite reasonable priced drinks (sometimes difficult to locate near the island’s hot spots) and tasty food all combine to create the right atmosphere to talk with friends for a fantastic night out. Do not miss their beverages that come in quaint liter long bottles.

You can’t get more authentic than this!

My husband and that i took a tour of the bars on the side of Cozumel and Mezcalitos was our initial stop. My husband had a chicken quesadilla and that i had fish tacos and each meals were wonderful. The pina coladas were most likely the simplest I’ve had. Mezcalitos conjointly options an excellent read and are available hammocks for restful.

I was on a random bike ride round the island and plenty of touts asked American state to prevent to go to their edifice however this place had none of that thus during a I went.
So peaceful. Hammocks swinging gently within the air, solely twenty meters faraway from the ocean thus you’ll be able to hear the waves. plenty of extremely cool things hanging everywhere the walls and simply typically an incredible place. Had reggae music quietly on within the background. They even had a extremely cool dog! Must visit however take money, and its not low-cost, however you get what you pay money for.How sweet it is to have a drink in Cozumel! I have had the pleasure of traveling many times to this beautiful island. I have come with my friends, with my wife, and with my family. And let me tell you something: it is always an incredible experience. This time we met some different places. One of them is Mezcalitos. A bar at a reasonable price. Our friends recommended us Mezcalitos Restaurant. But do understand if they are swamped it will take a little time for your food but it is worth it. Talking with the waiter, he mentioned a fly fishing trips that are a must in Cozumel. So, I was wondering if I need a cozumel fishing license to do this activity here. I will get into it and definitely go soon to one of those fishing trips!

This bar was most fun, and you can’t beat the views! employees was super friendly and therefore the food was the most effective I had whereas in Cozumel. Bring money as I don’t assume they need the power to run CC’s

This place is that the best on the island for relaxation. the most effective read of the attractive water and being on the side, the water simply rolls in unmitigated on the rocks. positively can’t wait to travel back and see these guys. Best dip and chips, smart brewage and extremely sweet individuals. there’s one thing on the menu for everybody. may simply pay a full day at this place! Please visit them on your trip to Cozumel!

By far, the most effective eating and relaxation expertise on the island! The employees is excellent and therefore the atmosphere impeccable! The fish tacos were the most effective I’ve had and therefore the cocktails were made of scratch! No margarita concoction here. The barkeep cut and squeezed the limes right there. I might last and on however satisfy it to mention you may not be thwarted and you need to go here once visiting Cozumel!

The quesadillas and guacamole were actually excellent. There are some hammocks to hang out and also the drinks were not too expensive. Its about the east side of the island so its even more chill than the west. If you want to bare all, there’s a secluded beach close to it with privacy.

This was our 5th visit to Mezcalitos. We can’t property in Cozumel without meals and margarita’s out of here. The place cannot be beat too – foot from the sand, salt from the atmosphere and salt on the rim. We had been traveling in a celebration of 10 this time and hands down all agreed the best Margarita on the rocks ever and finest new fajitas, tacos, guac and homemade chips. Don’t miss a chance to stop here if visiting Cozumel. You need to organize your journey though because it’s on the other side of the island. Not filled with tourists YET!

This place was excellent!

They were terribly versatile with an exquisite ambiance and delicious food. Our waiter was Camila, United Nations agency was terribly useful with knowing what we should always order and had nice client service. we have a tendency to undoubtedly advocate anyone to test this place out!

This is a rare building with a chic native history, food ready with ancient spices and flavors, delicious mixology for the libations and fantastic cook, and repair workers. Camila and her partner workers were splendidly attentive and hospitable. we tend to stayed on the porch of this historical website and enjoyed an extended evening. muchas gracias Camila y otros personas, magnifica del El Palomar.

Cozumel is a fantastic place. I have visited it several times with my family and friends. We love looking at attractions, beaches, and points of interest. We just enjoyed it very much. That night in El Palomar I met another family. They were talking about some exciting cozumel dive sites for beginners near to our hotel; the island is characterized by diving and fishing excursions. We have not had the opportunity to try it. But, without a doubt, the next time we will do it very excited. My family loves aquatic adventures. So traveling offshore will not be a problem. On the contrary, it will be an unforgettable experience.

We elapsed the resto and saw the live band. We tend to asked our server Camilla for recommendations and everything we tend to Greek deity was unbelievable. Best tacos I’ve ever had. Thanks Camilla for creating our night!

Chef Paola Torroella table at El Palomar Cozumel was associate degree improbably personal and delicious expertise crammed with food well-done just right, distinctive tequilas & mezcals and a romantic atmosphere. we tend to bought native art from the wall, learnt such a lot regarding domestically made food, John Barleycorn & cactus and shared laughs over the right date night. Can’t watch for our next experiencia!

This is our 1st visit and that we get pleasure from it. it’s situated in city on the most road. after we 1st arrived, we have a tendency to were on concern a couple of loud band not far away, and that we requested to be within the curtilage. we have a tendency to might still hear the music, however at an affordable level. The curtilage was nice. we have a tendency to had four differing types of tacos every with every outstanding. additionally, we have a tendency to had two drinks every and once more outstanding. it had been a good meal and a decent price ($50 US). They take credit cards and taxis are simply ahead. We’ll be back.

Though we have been seeing Cozumel for more than ten decades now, our trip El Palomar two weeks past was our very first. Surely will not be our final! Visited with my spouse and our daughter-in-law (our son not yet arrived) and also our hightop table to the veranda was fantastic. My husband (who makes an superb margarita himself) said it had been among the best he had tasted! I had a beautiful glass of Chilean Chardonnay. Though I had just purchased a glass, the waiter, Bernardo, pulled out the jar and poured me a flavor to accept prior to occupying my glass. A very wonderful touch! Following their yummy chips attracted on people with two very pleasant salsas (one red and one green), we picked many different tacos which included fish, poultry, fish and lobster. Fantastic! Off it with an intriguing twist in flan which was likewise fantastic. The service has been excellent at each level: hostess, server, busboys. We will be back!Wish we had found this earlier!

We’ve been home now for a couple of weeks, and generally would not be moved to rear track that way to write a critique, but I am making an exception, since this is really a place worthy of this additional work. Not only was the food outstanding for its price, the ceremony was outstanding. Our waiters, Camila and Roman, made a great attempt to convey, given the speech differential. My wife can not consume cilantro, so that they made certain her dish had none whatsoever. I’d noticed they comprised mescal tastings, therefore I asked if it would be possible to attempt a sip of 3 determine what I’d like to order. They came back together with the bartender who like a prior resident out of Oaxaca, and their in-house pro on mescal. What I purchased was an wonderful tutorial about the art of savoring fine mescal. I not just had a better comprehension of what I believed, but also how to completely enjoy it to the max. Much gratitude to the employees for this.

I recommend you to visit their website for more information.

Great view, underwhelming food

Purchased a lot of dishes since we came starving. What was likely to be the highlight, the ribeye, was inedible and hard to chew. The appetizers were fairly great though. The cocktails were fantastic. Way overpriced for what you get though. Nice views over the course of the day.

Restaurant located within the grand hyatt. Went with my wife and 3 and 2 year olds and was really satisfied with the especially accommodating and attentive support. We had the tuna tartare starter that was not in any way special. For the primary people had the prime New York strip that was fantastic, in addition to a salad. The decoration and distance are somewhat underwhelming and lack character – in the entry you walk beyond a tacky lit Xmas tree, along with an awkward pair of sofa chairs decorated in a blue fluorescent lighting. The main hall of this restaurant has dividers adorned with fine reddish wall plants along with 4 spacious comfortable oval tables (probably the top tables). Then there are a couple of tables inside of a few glass doors that feel as though they are a part of another restaurant. I’d recommend for supper if you want meat and have loads of times in Playa for additional more unique culinary and sensory experiences. If you’re celebrating a special event and are interested in great ambiance at a chic or comfy setting, then I’d look elsewhere.

Whether you arrive a few days or several weeks, Playa del Carmen is definitely the place. Your family and friends will love it. The spots to meet are beautiful. It will be an experience you will never forget. PDC is a beautiful place. The hotels, restaurants, and water activities. Everything has something different to show you. Restaurant The Grill is a gem in Playa del Carmen. During our dinner, the waiter recommended the bottom fishing in cozumel mexico tour – near to Playa del Carmen. I’ll take a look at it. So, this restaurant is at the top of my favorite spots on the island. It is exquisite, lovely, and has a pleasant atmosphere.

The restaurant was totally empty but they welcomed us directly in. Our host Rodrigo was amazing. He was at the top of each tiny detail. We ordered the chef’s specials from sausage and what they served was yummy. There was a bone marrow appetizer that’s something we normally would not eat but that has been so excellent. The restaurant is amazing and the service was exceptional. If you’re in the area we highly recommend you stop by here to get a meal that is spectacular!

We went to the restaurant on December 2nd roughly an hour before closing and we figured we would hurry to purchase, eat, and then rush out. To our surprise that the team did not rush us. They have been welcoming and treated us like we had all the time in the entire world. Everything was decadent and created absolutely. Our waiter Rufino amazed me with a birthday cake. It had been so sweet and considerate. The beverages were also very great. I really like a nicely balanced specialty cocktail and they didn’t disappoint. Would definitely return.

We’ve been to Grand hyatt PlayaCar many times, but that was our first trip to The grill at 1 26, also we highly recommend it. Their support was exceptional, they brought ours 12 month girl a little bowl of soup and have been very attentive to their own needs. We had the special of Night” Tuetano, Tomahawk beef, wine,and dessert, the food has been cooked to perfection.

This really is a superb decision to change up things in Playa del Carmen and also have a pleasant 5 star meal. We came at Sunset and sat out, and the view was magnificent. The wagyu sliders were beautifully ready, we had new crab legs along with a delicious Tomahawk beef. Later, we stayed to have some drinks at the bar, the bartender from Colombia was quite friendly and gifted; we had good cocktails. Enjoy!


I can’t get enough of the place! The food, the service, the ambiance is ALWAYS top notch. We visited for the first time in June 2018 and have gone back 4x’s since and most recently on 10/08/18 for my own birthday. Thank one of the grill for being absolutely wonderful. Thank you Ricardo for awaiting us. We will return next year.

Excellent Food and Staff

We’ve been to Pavo Real at least once every year for 4 decades. One of our most favorites The food and service are excellent. The views are amazing. Remember from winter to go for lunch so you may enjoy the wonderful view.

There’s indoor and outdoor seating; you might even ask a desk on the shore! The restaurant was created around an outside pool with uninterrupted views to the ocean. Muy bonito. The choice of food is amazingly diverse for a restaurant around the Riviera Maya such as a rack of lamb that has been superb. And do not miss the desserts! The staff here is exceptional; really friendly and knowledgeable. An individual could tell that they genuinely enjoy their job. I suggest this restaurant not just for the guests of this resort but for people staying elsewhere in the place.

Do you want to live an unforgettable experience? Travel to Playa del Carmen. At first, I must admit, I was not too sure about traveling to this party island. My wife convinced me. But since I arrived, the places did not stop surprising me. PDC is a beautiful place. The hotels, restaurants, and water activities. In addition to that, we met some people who I asked where to go snorkeling nearby playa del carmen with my friends. It was an exciting talk. Everything in PDC has something different to show you. And you should go to Pavo Real. This place is incredible. In addition to that, we met some people who had traveled that same day to fly fishing near Playa del Carmen. It was an exciting talk.

Everything was great from the minute we arrived. The dining table place on the yard close to the water was ideal. The food was excellent and the staff was very careful. We particularly appreciated their recommendation of a nice Mexican white wine which struck the spot.

We’ve dined at Pavo Real from the Sea previously whilst remaining in Playa del Carmen, along with also my glowing reviews are found from the archive. This excursion we really remained at Kin Sol Soleil, so we must eat meals, lunches, and dinners there for 2 days. Everything they perform and function is just outstanding. This can be indulgent dining in any way meals with exceptionally attentive support. In my French Toast from the afternoon into the fish and pineapple tacos at lunch into the fish risotto, or grab of the afternoon, or scallops, or chicken at dinner, their chef’s remarkable. Their wines and cocktails are also excellent. We’ve always found the food and intimate poolside ambience at dinner to be well worth hanging out from Playa to relish. However, this trip was made even more memorable since we dined in “La Pergola” the beautiful personal table pictured on this website. It’s new since our last trip. Ask it. Inform them the”Pergola People,” because we’re called, delivered you.

A fantastic dinner for your friends. By the minute that you are met at the restaurant entry by your server till you depart your every need is fulfilled. Two lobster meals along with a new catch grouper excellent demonstration and elegant preparation. We arrived after dark and just wish we’d have came before to get a sea view. Recommend for any event.

My spouse and I came here for our 25th Anniversary dinner and it didn’t disappoint! I originally had booked the beach table but it was windy and had just finished raining. But, Miguel had “Plan B” already lined up for the weather with just a little enclave with tiki torches and lit candles. Between Miguel and his helper Jesus, they left it a night to remember. Loved the place, food was exceptional, and the service was superb. We had been wondering what the rooms looked like there and they gave us a tour of the Jr Suite and Family suite! What more could you ask for at all.

My spouse and I enjoyed and incredible dinner in Pavo Real. The opinion and breeze of this beautiful were fantastic. Very few people that was up my ally. As for the meals, first class. Fantastic service and yummy dishes. Ended using a tequila sampler which was great. If we return to this region we will return. Highly recommend.