One of the best restaurants in Cozumel!

Being on Associate in Nursing island, we have a tendency to needed to do the native food, thus we have a tendency to found ourselves here for dinner one night. The food was sensible, the read over the ocean was stunning, and therefore the price wasn’t regrettable. we have a tendency to Ate here throughout off season, thus there was hardly anybody else there.

This place had affordable drinks, additional of an area atmosphere and a decent atmosphere. we have a tendency to are yankees and enjoyed hearing the American hip hop music the DJ vie.

How delicious it is to eat in Cozumel! I have had the pleasure of traveling many times to this beautiful island. I have come with my friends. And let me tell you something: it is always an incredible experience. This time we met some different places. One of them is El Muellecito. A great spot at a reasonable price. Our friends recommended us El Muellecito. Talking with the waiter, he mentioned a cozumel jeep tour cruise port that is a must in Cozumel. I will definitely go soon to one of those! But do understand if El Muellecito swamped it will take a little time for your food, but it is worth it.

El Muellecito eating place and bar is that the good place from that to observe spectacular Caribbean sunsets. One floor on top of street level, a well massive terrace, terribly cheap priced drinks (sometimes onerous to search out near the island’s hot spots) and attractive food all mix to make the proper atmosphere to share with friends for a good night out.
One of our favorite places to travel for lunch or for a drink. costs are sensible, workers is extremely friendly and therefore the food is AMAZING!!! WLAN is additionally sensible and placement is extremely close to the port of Punta Langosta 🙂

This place was thus sensible that my partner and at here three completely different nights on vacation. it’s on a upside and may be a good spot to look at the sunset. we have a tendency to perpetually had their catch of the day and it had been delicious. a number of the simplest food we have a tendency to had ever had. For the 2 people to eat with bottles of water was perpetually around 25$usd. workers is extremely friendly and accommodating. This is a Mexican sports cantina with an amazing read. additional locals than tourists however all are welcome. The have AN air conditioned aspect ANd an exterior aspect. terribly clean and well maintained. it’s closely-held by the identical folks as Rolandi’s downstairs. If you order pizza pie that’s wherever it comes from. The burgers are sensible. the simplest issue on the menu is that the dish battered fish tacos. The have some free appetizers on Sunday afternoons and Mon and Tues nights they need extremely cheap Sol and Superior brew.


This is a true fancy canteen, good place to urge a recent drinks once the walk round the main street, you’ll be able to fancy a good read of the Caribbean see, they need a free snacks solely shopping for a drink, please go there and revel in the atmosphere.

We had been at Cozumel for 2 days (throughout Ironman 70.3 at Sep 2017). As you can imagine, there is not a whole lot to do or places to move besides scuba diving or outside pursuits. On the 5th day we wanted to taste something different, something neighborhood and we chose to leave the”all inclusive” adventure and head into town. The afternoon before, scuba diving teacher advocated”El Muellecito”, a little seafood restaurant. We spent hours and happened to become among the best afternoons we’d. The food was fantastic but the service had been even better! We purchased the”Castacan de Pulpo”, and it will be a octopus dish, we had lettuce tostadas and a few other stuff. A great deal of beers and a few rum. Major smile along with the best attitude. If you’re in town and wish to devote a few of hours, beers a fantastic food, then this is a superb alternative.

El Muellecito pub and restaurant is the best location where to watch spectacular Caribbean sunsets. 1 floor above street level, a comfortably large terrace, quite reasonable priced drinks (sometimes difficult to locate near the island’s hot spots) and tasty food all combine to create the right atmosphere to talk with friends for a fantastic night out. Do not miss their beverages that come in quaint liter long bottles.