This place was excellent!

They were terribly versatile with an exquisite ambiance and delicious food. Our waiter was Camila, United Nations agency was terribly useful with knowing what we should always order and had nice client service. we have a tendency to undoubtedly advocate anyone to test this place out!

This is a rare building with a chic native history, food ready with ancient spices and flavors, delicious mixology for the libations and fantastic cook, and repair workers. Camila and her partner workers were splendidly attentive and hospitable. we tend to stayed on the porch of this historical website and enjoyed an extended evening. muchas gracias Camila y otros personas, magnifica del El Palomar.

Cozumel is a fantastic place. I have visited it several times with my family and friends. We love looking at attractions, beaches, and points of interest. We just enjoyed it very much. That night in El Palomar I met another family. They were talking about some exciting cozumel dive sites for beginners near to our hotel; the island is characterized by diving and fishing excursions. We have not had the opportunity to try it. But, without a doubt, the next time we will do it very excited. My family loves aquatic adventures. So traveling offshore will not be a problem. On the contrary, it will be an unforgettable experience.

We elapsed the resto and saw the live band. We tend to asked our server Camilla for recommendations and everything we tend to Greek deity was unbelievable. Best tacos I’ve ever had. Thanks Camilla for creating our night!

Chef Paola Torroella table at El Palomar Cozumel was associate degree improbably personal and delicious expertise crammed with food well-done just right, distinctive tequilas & mezcals and a romantic atmosphere. we tend to bought native art from the wall, learnt such a lot regarding domestically made food, John Barleycorn & cactus and shared laughs over the right date night. Can’t watch for our next experiencia!

This is our 1st visit and that we get pleasure from it. it’s situated in city on the most road. after we 1st arrived, we have a tendency to were on concern a couple of loud band not far away, and that we requested to be within the curtilage. we have a tendency to might still hear the music, however at an affordable level. The curtilage was nice. we have a tendency to had four differing types of tacos every with every outstanding. additionally, we have a tendency to had two drinks every and once more outstanding. it had been a good meal and a decent price ($50 US). They take credit cards and taxis are simply ahead. We’ll be back.

Though we have been seeing Cozumel for more than ten decades now, our trip El Palomar two weeks past was our very first. Surely will not be our final! Visited with my spouse and our daughter-in-law (our son not yet arrived) and also our hightop table to the veranda was fantastic. My husband (who makes an superb margarita himself) said it had been among the best he had tasted! I had a beautiful glass of Chilean Chardonnay. Though I had just purchased a glass, the waiter, Bernardo, pulled out the jar and poured me a flavor to accept prior to occupying my glass. A very wonderful touch! Following their yummy chips attracted on people with two very pleasant salsas (one red and one green), we picked many different tacos which included fish, poultry, fish and lobster. Fantastic! Off it with an intriguing twist in flan which was likewise fantastic. The service has been excellent at each level: hostess, server, busboys. We will be back!Wish we had found this earlier!

We’ve been home now for a couple of weeks, and generally would not be moved to rear track that way to write a critique, but I am making an exception, since this is really a place worthy of this additional work. Not only was the food outstanding for its price, the ceremony was outstanding. Our waiters, Camila and Roman, made a great attempt to convey, given the speech differential. My wife can not consume cilantro, so that they made certain her dish had none whatsoever. I’d noticed they comprised mescal tastings, therefore I asked if it would be possible to attempt a sip of 3 determine what I’d like to order. They came back together with the bartender who like a prior resident out of Oaxaca, and their in-house pro on mescal. What I purchased was an wonderful tutorial about the art of savoring fine mescal. I not just had a better comprehension of what I believed, but also how to completely enjoy it to the max. Much gratitude to the employees for this.

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