Wonderful place to dive and relax

If you’d like a cost effective, amazing place with friendly staff and friendly men and women in general (I almost always come off with 1 or two new buddies ) Blue Angel can not be beat. Oh, there’s the”dip with beams” second door, which at the years I have been going I’ve never completed (heck, I could do beach dives for free along with also a ship dive for roughly the same as a”dip with the beams”). You would like a massage? The team will happily organize one in your area or pool side. Want a Vehicle? Staff may have one organize (or a bicycle or scooter). Eva (oversees the resort ) is just like a mother hen caring for everybody. She’s just lovely. The beach is beautiful. The vessel dock where they pick up you to dip is merely another side of this pool and a very wonderful restaurant on elevated pylons for an wonderful view of the sea as you like banana pancakes (that are wonderful!) . I don’t really need to let everybody know how good it’s because they’ll only get busier and busier but hey, that is life.

Blue Angel was fantastic. Fantastic rooms with amazing views. Loved seeing the cruise ships coming and going in the balcony of the room. Service was impeccable at either the restaurant and hotel. The grounds are immaculate and that I had been astonished to observe the care that the groundskeeper took daily. The only possible drawback is how it is right on the primary road and it might get noisy in the evenings. It is far enough from city that you avoid the cruise ship crowds but it could be carried in about 20 minutes or even a taxi ride runs 85 pesos or roughly $4. Great snorkeling right from the resort’s private dock but do watch out for the sea urchins in case you escape coast instead of utilizing the ladder onto the pier. The beams and nurse shark at the enclosure directly next door are must-see when snorkeling.

I love Cozumel and the amenities you can find on the island. The first time I traveled with my family I was afraid that the accommodation experience would not be ideal. The truth is that I was entirely wrong to think that. Staying in Cozumel is one of the most convenient, enjoyable, and fun things you can do in Mexico. Blue Angel is a nice place to stay. I loved the rooms and the amenities. It also has people to help you choose activities to do in Cozumel. One of the guys recommended me the sightseeing cozumel excursions with a family-owned tours company. We will surely try that during our stay.

I visited the restaurant at the property recently and had a glorious lunch. Fresh and genuine seafood, along with a tasty guacamole and Pico de gallo. I walked around as I intended to stay here 1 day. Completely worth the attempt.

I was quite disappointed with the Hotel. The road in front of the Resort is quite noisy throughout the night. The restaurant lost old cook and the food was substandard and they had been out of a lot of the things on their own menu. The three boat dives I took travelled to the same place three days in a row. We dove Santa Rosa Wall and facing the boat harbor all 3 day. You are able to do a beach dive and see as much as I watched our next dives. I think they do so to save time.

It will take boats longer to get to the greater diving further south. On the third day the boat broke down so that they had us dive in the front of the harbor. After three bad days I dove with a few else.. Blue Angle charged me $110 daily along with another boat I dove on was $95 and the diving was fantastic.

We had a wonderful trip! The resort is directly on the shore and very amazing. [Although loudly at night (be certain to take earplugs for the road sound )] We awakened the reptiles regular as well as our ship picked us up in the pier directly in front of the hotel. The resort features gear for lease: wetsuits, tanks, regs, BCDs, weights and flashlights. So many more creatures come out at night. Request divemaster Francisco, to take you out, he was amazing; knew exactly where to search for creatures and even used my GoPro to film our entire group diving. The staff in the resort was incredibly nice. Each of them knew our names day 1 and really took care of us. Can’t recommend enough the diving here. If you’re looking for great reef diving, then this is the place for you.


Views were magnificent, rooms were clean and the service was impeccable. The property is lovely but small enough that you are always only a couple of steps away from whatever you might want; restaurant, dive shop, dock. The food in the restaurant was surprisingly good. Breakfast and a welcome drink have the space and far and away the best I’ve ever had. Diving was phenomenal. Our divemaster (Pancho) was so patient with us (we’re new divers) and super helpful. This was our first time in Cozumel and the dip sites definitely lived up to the hype. My sole regret is that we only stayed a couple of days, next time will need to be at least a week long stay.