So good had to come twice might be back tomorrow too

Harry’s was amazing from start to finish a therefore the some. Let us begin with Malena in the front door. Stunning, welcoming so type. Made sure our arrival was perfect and smooth and ordered for a ramp immediately for my mother’s wheelchair. She seated us at a huge table for 4, helped my mother into her seat and wanted us an amazing meal. She checked in often. Always with a smile and ask to assist! We love her. Our waiters again went over and beyond. They left no rock that I turned. Made excellent ideas. Accommodated special requests and again above and beyond. Food I had the best table side caesar salad I’ve ever eaten. Beyond! Mother had oysters which were delicious and refreshing also. We shared a cowboy beef that melted in your mouth and cooked perfectly. Sides were corn with truffle and jumbo baked potato. Delicious and truffle on wheat germ. Omg. Wonderful!!Second night the same. Our dear Malena going over and beyond. Our servers Marco and Christian (guapo) perfection. Had that caesar said and this time the Kansas City steak. Delicious beyond. Steak melts in your mouth. Don’t just eat run here stay awhile. Everything outside amazing.

I was trying to find a good final meal since was so tired of mexican meals after a few weeks. The Alaskan King crab was so not worth the cost. A little part and was suspended for sure and had little taste. The Hamachi on the other hand was excellent. My Rib-Eye beef was excellent but we had to ship back 2 out of the 3 sides since they were awful and my partners fish was completely dry and overcooked. The waiter was very apologetic and removed these from the bill but it shouldn’t have occurred. Like I told him, despite being in Mexico, if you bill, London, NYC and Paris prices then there is the same anticipation on the quality of the food. Best off saving your cash unless you are loaded and don’t mind paying through the nose for fair food.

Traveling to Playa del Carmen is a beautiful activity. Whether you go with your friends, your spouse, or your family. You will always find something suitable to do. For example, if you want to eat some kind of food, you will see it. The diversity of the island is what makes it so unique. Therefore, you can not miss a trip to this Caribbean paradise. Restaurant Harry’s is a gem in Playa del Carmen. During our dinner, the waiter recommended an ascension bay fly fishing day trip for my family and me. I’ll take a look at it. This restaurant is at the top of my favorite spots on the island. It is exquisite, lovely, and has a pleasant atmosphere.

The reddish salmon sashimi was amazing; abundant, tender and served with notable creamy mayonnaise, equally hot and wasabi (360 pesos). The Hawaiian poke lettuce cubes were big and served in a gorgeous terrarium glass with fresh avocado and dressing (490 pesos). The colossal octopus cooked in dry chillies has been the most outstanding octopus we have consumed up to now! The steak was cooked and incredibly flavoursome with yummy catches of sea salt (1100 pesos). For dessert we had the under zero vanilla ice cream cones created to arrange at the table using liquid nitrogen. Our waiters, Salvador and Antonio, were exceptionally cautious; filling our wine glasses and checking in throughout the whole meal. To finish, Salvador attracted a free stick of fairy shave half a metre high into our desk! They have been friendly and communicative through the dining experience. Job well done Harry’s Playa del Carmen, we just could not recommend this dining experience sufficient!

My family and I visited at lunch time after a little shopping 5th Avenue, our holiday rep had left a recommendation and being steak lovers we decided to make the visit! I have got to say that it is among the best steaks I have ever had! The staff are lovely people and can’t do enough (even picking up crayons my children kept dropping!). It is a beautiful place and has a wonderful feeling about it.As we had finished up and asked for the bill, it arrived with just a small treat for the children (which we might have assisted them ) Chocolate toothpaste onto a rack, it’s a lovely touch! They also were very honest, we did not realise that an agency fee was on the invoice and we added a tip, to which they clarified it was included! I can not talk highly enough of the visit! Honestly if you love a good steak then this is a must see place! Thank you very much!

Harry’s is essential every time I visit. The food is second to none, the staff are exceptional and recall you from previous visits, and the place is superb. I have nothing negative to say about Harry’s because each time that I go, it affirms that it’s the ideal food, and the very best service for a nice dining experience in Playa! I continue to attempt different steakhouses, but despite my regular visits to Playa and lots of dining adventures, Harry’s is my constant go-to location for an wonderful meal and excellent service! You blew out it Harry’s, way to proceed and keep up the super job!

Food is wonderful! And support is even better! Had a great time here with my family. Luis and Messi were awesome servers and made the night even more enjoyable. Steak was so unique and each bite got better. Vibe is wonderful. Love the music. Legit palms down lit. Come here I promise you will not have any regrets!

We came here to celebrate our penultimate night in Mexico, as well as my own birthday. Despite having high expectations, Zantana, Marco, and Auberto astounded us with their professionalism and careful support. The wine, cocktails, steak, and dessert couldn’t have been better. Anyone in playa de Carmen should visit Harry’s for an excellent experience.

Go to their website for more info.

Great Atmosphere and Service, Good Italian Food

We had a very nice meal here. As at all the restaurants in the El Presidente Intercontinental, the wait staff is attentive and friendly. We had a very tasty free appetizer with pesto and sun dried tomatoes purée, then crostata with assorted toppings. My spouse had the 3-pasta special (good but not extraordinary) and I had the lasagna, also good. Not top-notch In terms of Italian cuisine but nonetheless a pleasant evening. The decor is also very tasteful.

We had been staying at this house and wanted to really go for some fish. My husband had the filet and lobster that was great and that I had grilled shrimp at the alfredo pasta. Fantastic service and food. We all enjoyed dessert. Overall it was a fantastic meal, but it was somewhat overpriced. The temperature conducted somewhat hot also. Fantastic service and see.

The good thing about going to Cozumel is the diversity of things you can do. From staying in a five-star hotel, an all-inclusive, to a boutique hotel or Airbnb accommodation. The same thing happens with food. Of course, the main dish is marine. But if you want to eat something different, you will definitely find it. Alfredo di Roma is an excellent place to eat in Cozumel. So I recommend it. Especially, to people who love Italian food. I remember a talk about a riviera maya bottom fishing tour I had with a guy who works there. I think it would be entertaining to do it. The restaurant is delicious, and the service is remarkable.

We arrived less guests of the resort. The food was delicious with a great view and fantastic service. They have a fantastic wine selection also. The carrot starter was excellent! We enjoyed our entrees as well, lobster risotto was a great dish. We will definitely return for another meal!

My husband and I loved our trip. He had the chicken parmigiana and I had the spinach and beef ravioli. Both were so good! Victor offered excellent company, he was just excellent. I had a 1/2 bottle of Shiraz and we topped it off with a tasty dessert. We loved it so much, we even ordered room service out of them a couple of days after going to the restaurant.

This restaurant is the only restaurant at the Intercontinental that required reservations. We were easily able to receive a same-day reservation. We began dinner with a great bottle of wine along with a huge bottle of water. There was a free olive tray, with a fig pesto for dipping bread sticks. The menus light up when you open them which, with my 46 year old eyes, I found to be much superior than having to pull my iPhone and use the flashlight. We purchased cakes: a caprese in my husband and also a Caesar for me personally. Both were OK — I probably would not order them again. Our main course was fettuccini alfredo with shrimp for my husband along with the lasagne bolognese for me. Again, the food was great, but nothing that I’d write home about. However, we purchased the Beigne for dessert. These are not just like your New Orleans beignets. These delightful treats were like cream puffs except with ice cream. I’m still dreaming about them a week after. Service was amazing and quite attentive.


I was here in 2010 and again in 2016. This restaurant is located in the Intercontinental Presidente Hotel. It overlooks the water and the view is beautiful. This time that we were there, my husband and I took my brother and sister-in-law who had gotten married hours earlier elsewhere. This was essentially their wedding dinner. We told this and they made the evening very unique, such as bringing the dining table a particular dessert. All the food was great. But some might say that the costs were a bit high. The staff was attentive and friendly. We had a wonderful time and will return on our next trip to Cozumel.

A wonderful restaurant, probably the best one in the Intercontinental hotel. Unfortunately also the priciest. The food was great and the service outstanding. Suggested if you are willing to spend quite a little more than the normal restaurant in Mexico.

Wonderful place to dive and relax

If you’d like a cost effective, amazing place with friendly staff and friendly men and women in general (I almost always come off with 1 or two new buddies ) Blue Angel can not be beat. Oh, there’s the”dip with beams” second door, which at the years I have been going I’ve never completed (heck, I could do beach dives for free along with also a ship dive for roughly the same as a”dip with the beams”). You would like a massage? The team will happily organize one in your area or pool side. Want a Vehicle? Staff may have one organize (or a bicycle or scooter). Eva (oversees the resort ) is just like a mother hen caring for everybody. She’s just lovely. The beach is beautiful. The vessel dock where they pick up you to dip is merely another side of this pool and a very wonderful restaurant on elevated pylons for an wonderful view of the sea as you like banana pancakes (that are wonderful!) . I don’t really need to let everybody know how good it’s because they’ll only get busier and busier but hey, that is life.

Blue Angel was fantastic. Fantastic rooms with amazing views. Loved seeing the cruise ships coming and going in the balcony of the room. Service was impeccable at either the restaurant and hotel. The grounds are immaculate and that I had been astonished to observe the care that the groundskeeper took daily. The only possible drawback is how it is right on the primary road and it might get noisy in the evenings. It is far enough from city that you avoid the cruise ship crowds but it could be carried in about 20 minutes or even a taxi ride runs 85 pesos or roughly $4. Great snorkeling right from the resort’s private dock but do watch out for the sea urchins in case you escape coast instead of utilizing the ladder onto the pier. The beams and nurse shark at the enclosure directly next door are must-see when snorkeling.

I love Cozumel and the amenities you can find on the island. The first time I traveled with my family I was afraid that the accommodation experience would not be ideal. The truth is that I was entirely wrong to think that. Staying in Cozumel is one of the most convenient, enjoyable, and fun things you can do in Mexico. Blue Angel is a nice place to stay. I loved the rooms and the amenities. It also has people to help you choose activities to do in Cozumel. One of the guys recommended me the sightseeing cozumel excursions with a family-owned tours company. We will surely try that during our stay.

I visited the restaurant at the property recently and had a glorious lunch. Fresh and genuine seafood, along with a tasty guacamole and Pico de gallo. I walked around as I intended to stay here 1 day. Completely worth the attempt.

I was quite disappointed with the Hotel. The road in front of the Resort is quite noisy throughout the night. The restaurant lost old cook and the food was substandard and they had been out of a lot of the things on their own menu. The three boat dives I took travelled to the same place three days in a row. We dove Santa Rosa Wall and facing the boat harbor all 3 day. You are able to do a beach dive and see as much as I watched our next dives. I think they do so to save time.

It will take boats longer to get to the greater diving further south. On the third day the boat broke down so that they had us dive in the front of the harbor. After three bad days I dove with a few else.. Blue Angle charged me $110 daily along with another boat I dove on was $95 and the diving was fantastic.

We had a wonderful trip! The resort is directly on the shore and very amazing. [Although loudly at night (be certain to take earplugs for the road sound )] We awakened the reptiles regular as well as our ship picked us up in the pier directly in front of the hotel. The resort features gear for lease: wetsuits, tanks, regs, BCDs, weights and flashlights. So many more creatures come out at night. Request divemaster Francisco, to take you out, he was amazing; knew exactly where to search for creatures and even used my GoPro to film our entire group diving. The staff in the resort was incredibly nice. Each of them knew our names day 1 and really took care of us. Can’t recommend enough the diving here. If you’re looking for great reef diving, then this is the place for you.


Views were magnificent, rooms were clean and the service was impeccable. The property is lovely but small enough that you are always only a couple of steps away from whatever you might want; restaurant, dive shop, dock. The food in the restaurant was surprisingly good. Breakfast and a welcome drink have the space and far and away the best I’ve ever had. Diving was phenomenal. Our divemaster (Pancho) was so patient with us (we’re new divers) and super helpful. This was our first time in Cozumel and the dip sites definitely lived up to the hype. My sole regret is that we only stayed a couple of days, next time will need to be at least a week long stay.

Good Value for the price

OK folks, I have been a lot of areas and stayed at many hotels through the years, and Casa Mexicana remains one of my top resorts. I was there last weekend and the land continues to impress. The included breakfast buffet is the best in the island. The staff are so welcoming and friendly. They know me by name now… and I feel like a VIP guest. As an added bonus, a 24-hour Seven-Eleven opened downstairs recently.

I liked my stay here. Great location with lots walking distance restaurants, bars, shops. There is a 7-11 store next to the resort that you will need including wine, spirits and beer. Breakfast was reasonable and employees were super friendly and nice. You can even walk to ferry which along with each hours simply takes back to Cancun region. The only problem that I had was the quality of the bed if you are sensitive for this, have them show you that the space at first to test it out before you book your whole stay.

We love to travel to the magical waters of Cozumel. It is always a different experience. Either because we change accommodation, or because we decided to do a new activity. The island still has something new to show us every time. Casa Mexicana is an example of that. To be honest, we can not always prevent Casa Mexicana from being our first choice when we travel to Cozumel. It is an excellent hotel. Also, I had the pleasure to talk with interesting people who recommended us some cozumel snorkeling beaches to go with my family! About the hotel, the service and the rooms are very convenient. Such a nice place to stay every time you come to the island.

This building is somewhat dated, but the area was clean, the lobby was quite trendy, and the service has been excellent. We were on the main floor and had a view of a back street which was NOT perfect, but other chambers seem to have very pleasant views of the sea or the courtyard. The breakfast was fairly standard”free” design, and the ceremony was very good. The lobby pool is largely for display, but it was still pleasant to take a dip and revel in a drink on the terrace.

The hotel is beautiful, clean and in a perfect location if you would like to be downtown and go scuba diving. I’d walk across the road to the dive boat. The staff are friendly and the rooms are fine and comfy all with balconies. I enjoyed the view from the swimming pool area. I liked being near to each the restaurants and there are many great ones within walking distance. This hotel is perfect if you’d like to be in the San Miguel area. I’d certainly return! Thanks for everyone there in Casa Mexicana!

Check in was easy, we had a living area with a beauty complete view of the cruise piers. Room was nice and very clean!! Maid service was really good with mid morning (10-10:30). The last thing about this resort is the free breakfast, that this was excellent… The bar & pool area was nice! I had been listen for 5 nites & recommend that hotel. The place is great for the downtown region.

Stayed at Casa Mexicana from 10/13 through 10/20, we were upgraded to an ocean view room. The area was clean, bed very comfy and the A/C was cold and very. We like being close to the middle of city to enjoy the restaurants, shopping and managed to walk to my dip OP. Looking forward to our next stay at Casa Mexicana!

I’m still here! I’ve booked another week, we were going to remain in playa but this really is just beautiful – rooms spotless, staff friendly, cheerful, kind and accommodating. Had the sea view for the first week that was AWESOME but it had been more reasonable to stay in the city view room for our second week and we were pleasantly surprised! Room is slightly larger and the balcony is smaller but very private! The pool area is small but all you want! With a bar! The entire resort is kept spotless!

See their website for more info.

Visiting Konglor Cave, Laos

Konglor cave (also known as Kong Lo cave) in Konglor village in Southern Laos is a bit of a hidden gem. Roughly four hours bus ride from Vientiane, it is a sleep farming village where chickens roam the roads and there are just a handful of restaurants and some great guesthouses popping up.

Konglor village, March 2012

Konglor cave is just 10 minutes walk from where most of the guesthouses are situated and is the main reason for travellers to visit Konglor. It is a 7 kilometer long cave, through which a section of the Hin Boun river runs. Taking a boat through the cave is a truly awesome experience, which some parts of the cave reaching over 50 meters in height.

On the boat in Konglor Cave

The trip through the cave to the village of Ban Natan takes about an hour and there is usually a half hour rest side for refreshments before the return journey to Konglor. Sandals and a decent headtorch are a must for seeing the inside of the cave and its amazing features.

Coming out of the cave into Ban Natan

I really enjoyed the time I spent in Konglor in 2012. The people were really accomodating and the village had a lot of charm. I hope it hasn’t changed too much and that Konglor cave will continue to welcome travellers for years to come.

How to get to Konglor Cave

The nearest town is Nahin (Khoum Kham), located along Route 8 in central Laos. If you are traveling on the central Laos loop you will pass through Nahin.

If you are coming from the north, such as from Vientiane, you will probably be on a bus heading south to Tha Khaek or beyond. You’ll be traveling on Route 13 and you’ll need to get off the bus at the junction with Route 8 near Vieng Kham (Thang Beng). From this junction, take a songthaew to Nahin.

If you are coming from the south and heading north, you’ll get off at the same junction and you’ll take the same songthaew to Nahin. An easier option from the south is a songthaew directly from Tha Khaek to Nahin.

The cave is a further 30km south of Nahin. Another songthaew will take you there. If you arrived in Nahin on your own transportation, the turn off to the cave is marked and not too difficult to find. If you are having trouble, just ask someone.

Accomodation near Konglor Cave

The only place near the cave with an online presence is Chantha House, but luckily it’s the best option in the area anyway. There didn’t seem to be a shortage of rooms when we were there (2012), so you can probably just show up and find a room/

One of the villages on the far side of the cave offers home-stay options. They charge 50,000 Kip for a place to sleep (usually a thin mattress on a hard floor) and three meals per day. These villages are extremely rural with no modern amenities, but can be a great experience for those interested in seeing how people in this part of the world live.

The cave…

If you arrive at the cave by motorbike or bicycle, you will be required to pay a small parking fee. Boats through the cave cost 100,000 Kip each, which includes the entrance fee to the cave. They will only allow two people per boat (although you will see about ten Laotians squeezed into the same boat)

Make sure to wear sturdy footwear that can get wet. The boat will scrape the bottom at several points (especially in the dry season) and you will have to get out and wade while the boatmen drag the boat across the rocks. At one point, you will be let out of the boats to explore some of the rock formations up close. A strong torch could come in handy as well.

A Foodie’s Guide To London Food Markets

Although famous for its glamorous nightlife and flashing bright lights, London balances it out quite well with its softer side. The smell of attractive desserts and freshly baked goods from around the world flows through the air of Britain’s capital. Dodge the costly tourist activities and forget about the soulless restaurant chains you see in every other city. Explore London how the locals do—in the heart of its diversity. You don’t have to be an aspiring chef or a culinary expert to enjoy London’s food markets.

Borough Market

Borough Market, 8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL
Tube Stop: London Bridge

A real food-fanatic cannot call themselves a true foodie until they delve into the taste-heaven which is Borough market. The oldest and best known market in London is right next to London Bridge station. What makes the produce in Borough Market so deliciously different is the quality; my favourite bit is the excellent cheese selection. The market is popular with meat enthusiasts, too, and you’ll find more choice here than anywhere else in the capital. Borough’s brilliance has definitely grown over the years, but so have the prices. Unfortunately, you won’t get the most bang for your buck here, but it certainly is something spectacular. Free samples are enough to fill your stomachs, too.

After all that eating, you’ll be dying for a coffee. Monmouth coffee grind their own stuff every day, and I know a good espresso when I see one. This London food market is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday but they also open on Mondays to Wednesdays for lunch.

Brixton Market

Brixton Market, Electric Avenue, London, Brixton SW9 8JX
Tube Stop: Brixton Tube Station

Brixton Market is probably one of the most diverse of its kind. London’s strongest point is its cultural diversity, and Brixton does an excellent job of portraying that. From the spiced herbs of Indian food to fresh fruit and vegetables blended into Thai cuisine, this market has it all – Caribbean, Chinese, and much more. It’s endless. Reggae bass blasting out of industrial-sized speakers adds to that touch of Brixton’s vibrant past.

Be careful about going crazy on the samples – the sheer variety of food is bound to leave your stomach upset. Instead find similar types of cuisine and stuff yourself that way! After that, head to Ritzy Cinema nearby to catch a quick film or go to a jazz bar and relax to some music. Brixton is filled with endless opportunities.

Broadway Market

Broadway Market, London, E8 4PH
Tube Stop: Bethnal Green

Broadway Market attracts a younger generation of clientele: fast-moving and open-minded. Hackney is London’s cool, hip-artist area filled with fresh ideas and creative thinking, and Broadway Market couldn’t be located in a better place. Mouth-watering cheese and fresh seafood (maybe not together, but certainly one after the other) will leave you in love with this market. Lucky Chip’s burgers are a must, followed with a coffee from Climpson & Sons. If you catch a rare sunny Sunday afternoon in London, don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Brick Lane

The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL
Tube Stop: Shoreditch

It’s finding these hidden gems that really make London worthwhile. Not all the food markets in the capital are world-famous for being overly-hyped tourist hotspots, and Brick Lane is one of the lesser-known few. Because of this, prices are relatively low while the quality remains sky-high. Located in the Old Truman Brewery building, the market uses industrial space perfectly, filled with fresh Moroccan dishes, hand-rolled Sushi, excellent Spanish paella and Caribbean classics. Don’t be surprised if you run into fashion stalls, either – bespoke items apparently work well with zesty world-renowned cuisine.

These London food markets are only a handful of the large selection available in the capital. The summer’s around the corner, and with the sun finally starting to creep up, there’s never been a better time to visit. There are also a lot of smaller pop-ups that have their own charm. Whichever market you decide to visit, make sure you’re hungry and ready to fill up with some diversely outstanding food!

So now that you’re clued up on the top London food markets, continue you journey around capital in search of the best dishes by taking a look at Secret London: 3 of the best pop-up restaurants.

Day Tripping in North Yorkshire

The area of the UK i’m writing about today has been mentioned before on

I wrote about it in July 2013 in my post on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Route, which crosses the North York Moors via Ingleby Cross and Glaisdale, ending on the North Sea coast in the spectacular Robin Hood’s Bay. Having been reminded recently of the spectacular nature of the scenery in North Yorkshire whilst watching the Tour de Yorkshire on television this past weekend.


“This is a lovely place. The little River Esk runs through a deep valley which broadens out as it comes near the harbour… The houses of the old town are all red-roofed and seem piled up one after the other anyhow…Right over the town is the ruin of the Abbey, a noble ruin of immense size. Between it and the town is another church, the Parish one, round which is a big graveyard, all full of tombstones. It descends so steeply over the harbour that part of the bank has fallen away, and some of the graves have been destroyed.”

These are the words of Bram Stoker, describing the town of Whitby in his 1897 book, Dracula. The ruins of Whitby Abbey (below) described by Stoker are no less impressive in 2015 than they were back in the late 19th century.

Aside from the Abbey, Whitby is a lovely little historical port town, famous for its pint-sized fisherman’s cottages and Georgian townhouses. Local boy James Cook served his apprenticeship in Whitby and all of the ships used on his world voyages were built on the surrounding coat. You will find a whalebone arch and bronze statue commemorating the life of this great sea captain in the town.

Whitby is a perfect stop for a brisk walk on the often windy (perfect for kite flying) beach and a dinner of freshly caught fish with a side of chips.

Robin Hood’s Bay

Part of the North Yorkshire and Cleveland Heritage Coast, Robin Hood’s Bay is place to head for a wander and a refreshing drink by the sea. Six miles south of Whitby (and accessible by local bus or coastal path from Whitby) Robin Hood’s Bay benefits from a beautiful sweeping bay with golden sand and chocolate box houses which dapple the landscape that sweeps down from the North York Moors towards the sea. The sea shore around Robin Hood’s Bay is utterly fascinating, with rock pools, fossils and areas of sandy beach featuring.

Day trippers in the area can trek up the hill to St Stephen’s Church, which sits along the Whitby road, for spectacular views over the bay. “The sea is a recurring theme throughout the church and there are memorials to the shipwrecked in church and churchyard, a list of rescues by the lifeboat and a model of SS Pretoria.” says recent visitor to the church Jonathan Brennan who took the photo above.

You can find more information on visiting Robin Hood’s Bay here.

Resources for your day trip to North Yorkshire:

Train tickets for many destinations in North Yorkshire including Whitby, Scarborough and Bridlington (connect through York)

Walking Maps of the North York Moors and North Yorkshire coastline.

Do share any recommendations you have for day trips in the North Yorkshire area and any places to stop for food and drink in the comments section below.

Throwback Thursday – Angkor Wat 2012

In March 2012, towards the very end of a nine month round the world trip, I travelled to Cambodia and spent four days in the beautiful city of Siem Riep. There, along with new-found friends, I visited the temples of Angkor Wat. Here a few snaps from my time exploring the temples. I had such a great time, but it was too short and that means Siem Riep is one of the key places on my ‘must-return’ list.


Review: Parador De Carmona, Andalucia

In February, I was travelling on a short trip with my family through Andalucia and we decided to stay one night in the small hill-top town of Carmona, just 20 kms from the city of Seville (see map).

Carmona, 15kms from Seville in Andalucia

Carmona in Andalucia is home to one of the most beautiful parador hotels. If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘parador’, you’re not alone. They are not all that well known outside of Spain, mainly due to a lack of marketing or promotion to foreign markets and for this reason, you’re not likely to meet many non-Spanish guests while staying at a Parador.

Google’s chosen definition of a Parador (below) could lead you to believe that they are miserable cheap pensions, when in fact, they are luxury historic hotels such as converted from monasteries and palaces. They are spread throughout Spain and run a great many deals and bundles that groups such as the under 30s and over 55s can take advantage of.

Parador de Carmona

This was my first experience of staying a parador, despite having travelled throughout the country and living in Alicante for 9 months in 2007-8. It was a completely new experience for me and when I found out the price of the hotel (about €100/night for a twin room) I wasn’t expecting such luxury. For the same price as a cheap and nasty hotel in central London, we got luxury, space and amazing views. Not only this but terrific service and super friendly and accommodating staff, the kind that remember you, your room number, your tea/coffee preference and a number of other things.

The interior courtyard at the Parador

Our room had a great view across the plains (see photos) and was terrifically spacious and comfortable. The solid window shutters ensured that I had the best night’s sleep I’d had in ages, followed by a sumptuous buffet breakfast featuring every fruit, cake, pastry and cooked item you could ever think of. Whilst this seemed quite expensive at about €17, the evening meal, at €30 for three courses, was a great deal and offered a great selection of local specialities that were exquisitely cooked. The parador seems too make a great effort to keep their offerings, such as the dishes, ingredients and wine, local and will always make recommendations to help you understand the choices. Parador andalucia.

After my first stay in a Parador, I’m really looking forward to planning my next trip to Spain to enjoy at least a few different paradores outside of Andalucia.

The next Parador I’ve got my eye on is….

Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera

Situated 215 kilometers from Madrid in the Extremadura region of Spain, this Parador is quite spectacular looking. Surrounded by orange and olive trees, it overlooks the river gorges and chestnut woods of the La Vera region. The parador’s restaurant serves traditional extremaduran food such as Patatas Revolconas (Paprika mashed potatoes) and Migas (fried breadcrumb balls). In the town of Jarandilla de la Vera you can see various mausoleums and hermitages alongside medieval bridges.

In the nearby Vera and Jerte valleys or in the Natural Park of Monfrague, you can enjoy hiking, horse riding and mountain biking and canoeing as well as relaxing with a swim in the natural pools.

This area is full of villages and towns worth visiting as well as the gorges through which the crystal water flows, such as the beautiful Garganta del Jaranda gorge.

From the parador you can enjoy day trips to the towns of Plasencia, whose Cathedral is one of the most important in Extremadura, and the picturesque Roman town of Caparra, which flourished in the first century.